Information Literacy Program

As part of the users' education program and librarians' effort to instill lifelong learning to students of the UST Angelicum College, the library offers orientation and instruction lectures to learners and newly hired employees at the beginning of the Academic Year. The librarians will create and instruct learners and employees to familiarize themselves with the essential tools for learning and library services.

Library Orientation

  • Schedule of Orientation

Room to Room Orientation

An instructional school library program is essential for an effective library service. A well-organized school library with a rich collection will only be functional if its users know how to use the library and its resources effectively.

Library resources available and library instructional programs are complementary in enhancing the education of the students. Some learning tasks which can’t be learned in a classroom instruction are learned in the library. The use of the library facilities and resources are best taught inside the library where these are available and the librarians are in the position to teach them. Formal library instruction on the use of books is a must to enable students to use the library resources effectively.

  • At the end of the session, the students are able to:
    • Describe a book which is properly used by the reader.
    • Use the card catalogue and OPAC destiny library system correctly.
    • Know the different sections of the library as well as the library staff.
    • Use library collections and facilities.
    • Know the library schedule.
    • Borrow books and other instructional materials.
    • Show appreciation of the value of books.

Library Instruction

  • Webinars
  • Instructional Videos