Library Users

The following are the legitimate users of the UST Angelicum Libraries.

  1. Students currently enrolled during the Academic School Year
  2. Faculty members with regular appointments
  3. Faculty members (probation status) with teaching loads during the current term.
  4. Non-teaching personnel
  5. Administrators
  6. Others – the following may enjoy the “room use” privileges upon presentation of the requirements listed hereunder
    • Alumni: Endorsement by the Dean, Principal, Coordinators and the Head of Student and Alumni Affairs
    • Students from other school/other researcher (a maximum of five (5) students from the same school will be accommodated at any given time)
      • A referral letter coming from their librarian or his/her Representative
      • Valid identification card
      • Payment of fifty pesos (Php 50.00) research fee for non consortium members of Quezon City Librarians Association
The Head Librarian reserves the right to refuse or disapprove requests for accommodation on the basis of the following:
  • Non-compliance of the requirements
  • Misdemeanour
  • Improper attire
  • The library is in full use
  • During examination weeks
  • Other justifiable causes


  1. School I.D. is required for all library transactions.

Use Of Library Service

General Reference
All General Reference materials are strictly for room use only. These may be borrowed for photocopy or classroom use only.
General Circulation
This section houses and circulates General collection books that support the information needs of library users in their research and studies. Books can be borrowed for home-use.
Easy Books
A collection of library materials that are printed in a large, simple typeface aimed at young children.
Fiction Books
A collection of books of any type of literature that's created from the imagination and typically has a narrative. It describes imaginary events and people. Usually, this comes in the form of books and stories.
Textbook Collection
A collection of books used as a standard work for the study of a particular subject.
A collection of enlarged versions of a reading book, usually illustrated and with very large type, generally used by a teacher guided group of students to read together and learn about concepts of print
Filipiniana Section
A collection of books and other materials about or relating to the Philippines, written by Filipinos or non- Filipinos on any subject and all works by Filipino authors including translations. The library will only maintain those useful and relevant to the curriculum.
Periodical Section
The UST Angelicum Library maintains a full range of these services, representing all disciplines now included in the campus curriculum or expected to be included in the foreseeable future. The UST ANGELICUM collection will emphasize indexes; both the basic comprehensive indexes and those that are subject specific. New formats of indexes such as CD-ROM must be considered for selection using the same evaluative criteria as print indexes for content and journal coverage. Other criteria based on the limitations, requirements, and opportunities of the new technology must be considered as well. Abstracting services considered to be of major value to faculty and students will be included in the book collection or available for access and retrieval through online bibliographic retrieval services.
Reference Section
A collection of extensive general reference materials which are intended to answer queries for specific information such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, manuals, etc.
Reserve Section
The reserve collection is a collection of materials which have been separated from the larger collection for restricted use. Students enrolled in specific courses have access to materials placed on reserve and the loan period is shortened to an overnight, one day or room use only.
Teacher's Reference
A collection of teaching materials used in pre-Kindergarten through grade 12 classrooms. It provides assistance with the identification and location of various teaching materials related to specific topics and delivers services associated with these materials. It is available at lower and higher levels as a particular section to cater the needs of our faculty for their teaching and learning.
Thesis and Feasibilities
A collection of research copies of undergraduate and graduate theses and dissertations submitted to the Research Development Office or the Library Department. This may include research studies in the form of essay, case study, feasibility study kand investigatory project paper. These collections are for room use only.