Angelicum College was constructed under the idea of an educator's dream to have a school that breaks free from the traditional educational system. The concept of sustaining each student's academic and informational needs and shedding the conventional idea of a grading system was first thought of by Fr. Rogelio Alarcon, O.P. when he was still in elementary school studying at Colegio de San Juan de Letran. He began exploring and expounding his learnings with non-graded education by constructing comparative studies focusing on distinct education systems in the UST Graduate School

Construction of UST Angelicum College

In 1972, Fr. Alarcon convinced educators to create a non-graded school called "Angelicum." It was named after one of the Dominican houses of studies in Rome. Its philosophy would be "to do what is best for the learners." It was then granted permission for operation by the Ministry of Education and Culture despite its unique system. The humble beginnings of Angelicum School started on July 5, 1972. It has six classrooms and a small library, all under the roof of the Dominican Seminary. The total enrollment of 315 young boys under the supervision of nine knowledgeable teachers interested in partaking in the radical change of the non-graded system. Angelicum became the first non-graded school in the Philippines.

On May 11, 1979, the school library was named Fr. Edgardo D. Lumboy, O.P. Memorial Resource Center in honor of Rev. Fr. Edgardo D. Lumboy, O.P., one of the school's resident priests who died in a vehicular accident.

In 2016, the University of Santo Tomas's integration to the Angelicum College was sealed and followed by the new building called Jordan of Saxony building. It included the Fr. Edgardo D. Lumboy, O.P. Memorial Resource Center Main Library, which holds the High School, Senior High School, and the College Level collection. On the current date, Fr. Edgardo D. Lumboy, O.P. Memorial Resource Center Lower Level caters to learners in Basic Education, particularly in the YS1 (Kinder level) - YS7 (Grade 6). At the same time, the Instructional Media Center accommodates the entire UST Angelicum College community.

The Fr. Edgardo D. Lumboy, O.P. Memorial Resource Center and the whole Thomasian-Angelican Faculty, Staff, and Administrators aim for the abundance of information sources that will deliberately enrich and instill clients with life-long learning to become information literate. The library department is committed to excellence in carrying out research, teaching, and self-paced learning functions coupled with the Dominican virtues in the new learning environment. It envisions itself as a model learning resource center that provides quality resources and innovative services to the Thomasian-Angelican and Dominican communities.